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Tibro 100km 2011-04-16

by on Maj.20, 2011, under 100 kilometer, Ultra

I was not quite prepared for 100 kilometers, but I really wanted to be there. To experience the first national championship ever felt important.

The track was just over 7 kilometers long and every runner had to do 14 laps. It was a typical landscape lap where you ran on footpaths and roads. A little bit more hilly for every lap…

I ran fast and easy initially and passed 50km in 3:52, then it went well for nearly two more hours. When I passed 70km in about 5:40 I had stomach problems and got it tough for the next 20 kilometers. Despite toilet visits and cascade vomit on the track that made me completely out of energy I reached the finish at 7th place at 8:39. Thank goodness I did not have to drive the car home after the race.

A wonderful Saturday to remember :-)

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Skövde 6-hours 2011-03-12

by on Mar.18, 2011, under 6-hour, Ultra

A recovery run. Not for legs but for the mind. For the fourth time I went to Skövde 6-hour race. The race track is 1,200 meters long and each lap will be up for a 10 meter high uphill. The surface consists of asphalt and gravel, which in winter are a bit sloppy.

This time I had Peter with me, a friend who supports me from time to time. This time he delivered bottles of sport drinks every third lap and read the lap times all the time. The final hour, I was chased by two runners who were a few hundred meters behind. Then Peter got to help me keep me on the edge until the bell rang. Afterwards we had a pleasant evening in Skövde!

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Århus 24-hours Indoor 2011-01-08

by on Jan.14, 2011, under 24-hour, Ultra

After one and a half year with less kilometers Århus 24-hour Indoor race were an trilling moment for me. I didn´t know what it would be like, but it turned out to be perfectly insane! One lap was 251 meter long and it was nothing to look at during these meters. My aim was to stay on the track and keep on moving for as long as possible. I manage it quite well but had to sitt down to recover way to much. But I did never fall asleep. I finished nine place with 160 km. Directly after the race I had to travle 8 hours by train. It was crouded and I just could not fall asleep. I felt the fever, the running fever and I hope there is no cure!

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Athen Classic Marathon 2010-10-31

by on Nov.03, 2010, under Marathon, Point to point

When a hero dies a legend is born. That is how we come to run the marathon distance. To celebrate the great run that Pheidippides did 2500 years ago. All over the Globe runners take part in honorable races over this distance. But there is only one race that takes part on the original course. That is Athen Classic Marathon.

This time it was my turn to run this race. I had a great time and pushed myself as hard as I could during the uphills and downhills. Running the last kilometers was exciting and valuable. To enter the Panathenaikon Stadium and running into the finish line was thrilling. The arena was crouded, the sky was blue, the sun was burning, I was exhausted, I could feel my heart beat and I was very happy.

”Νενικήκαμεν”  (”We have won”)

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Skövde 6 hour 2010-03-13

by on Mar.21, 2010, under 6-hour, Ultra

I was there again. Just can´t help it. I had a great day and reached 71 kilometer. That was a little more than expected because my exercise has been less than normal this winter.

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Transeurope Footrace 2009-04-19

by on Jun.24, 2009, under Point to point, Stage race, Ultra

The race began 19th of April in Bari, south Italy. During 64 consecutive days we ran 4500k through entire Europe to the most northern place in this continent, Cape North. Week by week we ran and the friendship among the participants and helpers grow stronger and more important for every week that past. In some way everybody needed the others to keep on running. It was so nice to sense the attitude among the runners.

For me this was the fulfilment of a journey that I have been dreaming about and waiting for in many years. I was not afraid of the distance. I had no doubts of my own capacity. I just tried to be present every day, even those days with really bad weather…

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Skövde 6-hours 2009-03-14

by on Mar.14, 2009, under 6-hour, Ultra

This year there were more than 150 runners on the startline. Actually it felt a little crowded at the startline. Great! This sport is growing and it feels really good that we were so many ultrarunners on the same spot. The great number of runners gives some problems during the race but it is worth every one of them. It was a little crowded at the 1200 meter lap from time to time. And there were always a lot of people at the aid station. However, this was handled very good from the race director and his supporting team. They did a great effort for all the runners. They even worked at the track for hours making the muddy path and slippery road as free from mudd and water as possible.
My ambition for this race was to do 70k, because, that is the typical distance for a day during my upcoming race, the Transeurope Footrace (TEFR). I wanted to do this distance whitout any problems and I did. I also tried to drink the same sportdrink and the same amount of liquid as I have been planning for TEFR. One bottle to carry each 10k. This was no problem, at least not for 6 hours…
The first hour of the race I ran a little faster then I was supposed to. It felt so easy and it is also comfortable to have some spare minutes the last hours. During the race I had some nice friends pacing me, or co-running actually. That was great, the race never went boring on the track when I could chat with Fredrik Elinder for an hour, or listening to Andreas Falk encouraging me the last hour. In the end I finished at 4th place with 73k. It felt good and my goal was achieved.  I plan to hit the road again tomorrow, just to make sure the legs are fine, and ready for some more!
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Spartathlon 246km

by on Sep.27, 2008, under Point to point, Ultra

Only 4 weeks after I finished La Transe Gaule I was at the start line to the legendary race of Spartathlon. I was not fully recovered and there was no speed in my legs. I was afraid and I had many doubts about the upcoming race. I know for sure that there is only one cure for that fear I had, and that is the start sign that get us running.

Within 10 kilometres I was cured, I felt no fear, just excitement and beliefs. I was running my second Spartathlon and I did it with a brave mind. I ran faster than I ever thought I could in such a race and in the same time I enjoyed life. Actually I ran ahead of my scheme and got to my drop bags way too early. I had to run with my headlight on the head an hour before it got useable, I got my second day cap in the middle of the night so I had to let it be, I even got to Sparta so early that my friends still were at lunch.

However, I had a hard time during my last hours because I pushed it, I tried to finish just below 31 hours and that made me count, and recount, minutes the last 10 kilometres. My effort was worth its costs. When I reached the main street of Sparta every training hour I have done in my life was worth that moment. These two minutes when I ran up to the statue of King Leonidas made it all worthwile. I laid my hand on his foot, I sat down, I cried, I raised my hand of happiness, I got helped up, I did the ceremony, I was taken to health surveillance by a wheelchair. I was happy!

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La Transe Gaule VII 2008-08-13

by on Aug.09, 2008, under Okategoriserade, Point to point, Stage race, Ultra

Race: 13th to 31th of August.

Distance: 1151 kilometer.

Departure: Roscoff

Arrival: Gruissan Plage

A footrace across France. There is so much to say about this marvelous race, I just cant find the words for it. Even if I have been running it twice I just cant find the words…

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Kristianopel Coast Marathon 2008-06-28

by on Jun.28, 2008, under Marathon

The day before start I decided to go there. I have had a week of plenty of rest so I wanted to push myself for some speed. I wanted to run steady and just below 3 hours.
I woke up in the middle of night and had a breakfast at 5am. After that I went to the car and drove for some hours. Gasping from time to time of course!
I went to the start line and soon we were of. I run with an experienced marathon runner for 15k, we helped each other to take the front wind. Then another runner came up and we were three runners pushing at 4min/km. At halfway there was a double right turn and then you just run the same way back. I like that! We left the halfway point at 1h26min1sec and we realised we just had one runner 4minuites ahead of us. We tried to keep the speed at our way back but it was only I how managed it. At 29k I was alone, I tried to inspire my company to keep up but it didn’t work as well. So now I had to push it for an hour alone. It went really good; I finished at 2nd place, 2minuites behind the winner, at 2h51min45sec.
The best part was that I never had a hard time or a negative thought and afterwards I was at good shape. I had a short stop at the finish line before I slowly run to my car and drove back home.

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