Mattias Bramstång

Personal best 100k

by on Maj.20, 2007, under 100 kilometer, Ultra

Stark Ultra run 100 kilometer in Stige, Denmark 19th May. I have been there 2 times before and I like this race. When I understod it would be the last time ever for this race, I had to go there! Two years ago I made my fastest 100k race there, (8h 46min). Now I would come back to make an improvement.

19th May was a perfect day to run. The sky was a little cloudy and the wind blow from the right direction. At 0600 the race began and some hours later I was moving fearless at a speed I only been capable to maintain during a 6-hour race before. I could not maintain the speed to the finish line, after six seven hours and I had to slow down some. I past 75k whitin 6h 4min and then I had my hard time struggling the next 15k at 1h 20min. I made a better last lap (10k) and finished with 8h 17min 42sec. I´m proud of that time and it was enough to win the race and to achive 6th fastest time ever through 10 years of Stark Ultra run.

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