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Below: Comercial event for Sydsvenskan in May 2013. First picture in the studio, the second from the +70km run. Nice memories!

Runner (2)

Morning hour, just running out of Helsingborg

Morning hour, just running out of Helsingborg

Below: Just after finish in the Athens Classical Marathon 2010.

In the footsteps of Feidippides

In the footsteps of Feidippides

Below: I had a great run in the 4500k Trans Europe Footrace 2009. It was like I was born to be there. I really appreciated that I didn´t need to read the roadbook too much…

When you have hard to find the way, the red arrows helps

Below: A  nice moment in La Transe Gaule 2008. Me and my friend Andreas Falk took a short break at the 1000 kilometer mark!1000 kilometers

Below: A few minutes after I finished Stark Ultra Run 100 km at second place there were a simple, but nice price cermony. I was a little suprised because my price was 5 soda bottles in a nice package. 5 diet soda bottles! After running 100 km I was given 2,5 liter of soda which includes about 50 calories in total. I promise you all that I would prefer an ordinarie coke!100-km-2005

Below: A bad blister during La Transe Gaule 2005. It started with a blister beneath another blister. I can still remember the painful days when I had to move 65 km a day with that foot….blister


Below: Mattias with the dollar millionaire Don Winkley. After some years of good business (ages ago…) he just keeps on doing what he likes most!mattias-and-don-winkley

Below: Mattias during some painful steps in Erkrath 6-day race 2007. In the background you will see Mattias and his supporter Andreas Larssons tent. Cold nights and freezing mornings!erkrath-day-5

Below: This were my favorite room on the worlds greatest ship, the Freedom of the Seas. I had a great time in the Caribbean. Even outside this room 😉Play room for runners

Below: After a hard time with a tendon problem it was great to restart running on the hard surface of one of the worlds greatest beaches. Dream vacation. Dream run. What else could I ask for???Beach run

Below: A great day in Transe Gaule 2005. Actually they were all good…A great day in Transe Gaule. Actually they were all good...

Below: Some years ago I was working a lot of time during the winters in the north of Sweden. Just outside Jokkmokk. It was definitely too cold to do long runs outside. Therefor I was addicted to this treadmill. This photo is from a Saturday free from work. I did 75 kilometer that day!Training in the north of Sweden...

Below: Once I was invited to a horse race. 100km on a hard, and sometimes rocky, trail. I took the invitation seriously. I started. I ran. I finished. I was invited to the next race… But that is another story.Early morning. Beutiful day. Delightful 100km.

Below: Me, english american Russel Seeker and some French friends. After 18 days on the roads, running from the English Canal to the Mediterranean we ended up on the beach.Me, english american Russel Seeker and some French friends. After 18 days on the roads, running from the English Canal to the Mediterranean we ended up on the beach.

Below: Many years ago I heard a story about a marvelous race in Greece. From the biginning it was almost as a myth. Now, I know better. The myth is real. I have been there. I have participated. I have finished the race. Now I´m marked for life!Scars to be proud of!

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