Mattias Bramstång


48-hour Bornholm, Denmark, 2008-05-25

by on maj.25, 2008, under 48-hour, Ultra

The objective about this race was to get as far as 300 kilometres and try not to sleep at all if possible. To my help I had a friend, Andreas Falk, who desired the same things as me. So we were two runners who stuck together, trying to stay on the loop and keep on moving. We had the idea about helping each other when the hard hours were to come. And they will, sooner or later. To our advantage we had some great help from Andreas family and a friend of his. They supported us with everything we needed and they gave us great encouragement during the race.

The race started at Friday noon and the first hours of the adventure past away easily and quite fast. The first laborious hours came during the night and in the early morning hours of Saturday. We managed these hours of sleepiness and fatigue quite well. Later on the sleepy feeling vanished and we slowly added kilometres to our distance. As the day past by we both went afraid of the second night which was to come. Some hours later the poor electric light was turned on and soon the twilight embraced us. Then we had to fight our way along the darkness for many hours. I remember that we shivered of cold from time to time and the sleepiness was a great burden. Actually, I can’t truthfully remember these hours of fatigue and our fight against the “demons of sleepiness”. We were like sleepwalkers for many hours. Later on, after the light of the early dawn, we got some more speed in our legs before we once again slowed down and walked the last laps in a comfortable speed. Finally we reached our objectives and that gave us deep satisfaction.

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