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Skövde 6-hours 2011-03-12

by on mar.18, 2011, under 6-hour, Ultra

A recovery run. Not for legs but for the mind. For the fourth time I went to Skövde 6-hour race. The race track is 1,200 meters long and each lap will be up for a 10 meter high uphill. The surface consists of asphalt and gravel, which in winter are a bit sloppy.

This time I had Peter with me, a friend who supports me from time to time. This time he delivered bottles of sport drinks every third lap and read the lap times all the time. The final hour, I was chased by two runners who were a few hundred meters behind. Then Peter got to help me keep me on the edge until the bell rang. Afterwards we had a pleasant evening in Skövde!

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Skövde 6 hour 2010-03-13

by on mar.21, 2010, under 6-hour, Ultra

I was there again. Just can´t help it. I had a great day and reached 71 kilometer. That was a little more than expected because my exercise has been less than normal this winter.

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Skövde 6-hours 2009-03-14

by on mar.14, 2009, under 6-hour, Ultra

This year there were more than 150 runners on the startline. Actually it felt a little crowded at the startline. Great! This sport is growing and it feels really good that we were so many ultrarunners on the same spot. The great number of runners gives some problems during the race but it is worth every one of them. It was a little crowded at the 1200 meter lap from time to time. And there were always a lot of people at the aid station. However, this was handled very good from the race director and his supporting team. They did a great effort for all the runners. They even worked at the track for hours making the muddy path and slippery road as free from mudd and water as possible.
My ambition for this race was to do 70k, because, that is the typical distance for a day during my upcoming race, the Transeurope Footrace (TEFR). I wanted to do this distance whitout any problems and I did. I also tried to drink the same sportdrink and the same amount of liquid as I have been planning for TEFR. One bottle to carry each 10k. This was no problem, at least not for 6 hours…
The first hour of the race I ran a little faster then I was supposed to. It felt so easy and it is also comfortable to have some spare minutes the last hours. During the race I had some nice friends pacing me, or co-running actually. That was great, the race never went boring on the track when I could chat with Fredrik Elinder for an hour, or listening to Andreas Falk encouraging me the last hour. In the end I finished at 4th place with 73k. It felt good and my goal was achieved.  I plan to hit the road again tomorrow, just to make sure the legs are fine, and ready for some more!
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Skövde 6-hour

by on mar.11, 2006, under 6-hour, Ultra

My first 6-hour race.

With quite much experience from marathons and some 100K races I had the guts to open quite fast. During this cold day, approximately 5 to 10 degrees below zero, I passed 42 kilometres within 3hours and 15minutes. I kept the pace for one more hour and then I tried to increase it a little bit. I had no problems during my run and I was in great mood. Last part of the race was nice, I flow a bit and landed beyond 76 kilometres. A few seconds after the stop signal I ran to the showers. There I had a gainer for recovery, a hot shower, a decent meal and then I drove back home. Satisfaction was all around.

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