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Sandsjöbacka W-R-T Trailmarathon 2012-01-21

by on apr.14, 2012, under Marathon, Point to point

A trilling experience over slippery montains in light shoes with flat soles. Nice day after all!
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Spartathlon 2011-09-31

by on jan.04, 2012, under Point to point, Ultra

Everything felt good before the start despite lack of kilometers during the year. I found strength in my experience and my knowledge of the race. The weather was extremely beneficial. I was in Athens and had only one purpose. I was about to run to Sparta.

The night before the race I’ll never forget. I did not sleep a single minute. I lay in bed, but didn’t fall a sleep. I just lay there and heard the room mates breathe deeply and relaxed. Later on I listen to them snoring. I was sleepless. I looked at my watch over and over again but it was only making my heartrate raise and finaly it was over 70 bpm. At 04:00 the wake up call rang, but it didn´t wake me up, thou I was already awake…

At 07:00 the race started. I ran, but after 24hours and barely 180km I gave it up. I was tired and sleepy. In such situations I don’t work efficiently. My mind and spirit had left me for this race. I was abandon. By my self. I cried.

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Rio de Janeiro Marathon 2011-07-17

by on aug.05, 2011, under Marathon, Point to point

I decided long ago to try and run for three hours. Everything indicated that I had the speed and endurance to make it. The last few months of training had gone well, actually so satisfying that my secret goal was to run a little bit faster than three hours.

The competition is in the middle of the Brazilian winter, early one Sunday morning. Despite the season and the time of the day it was warm and bright even before starting. The hole distance is more or less right next to the sea, which is beautiful and interesting as it always happens things around.

I was running smooth and stable with a comfortable effort until the 24th kilometer (1:38:18) when I got cramp in one of my legs. It came suddenly, so fast that I had to jump three steps on the other leg while I was stopping. I had to stretch and then limp forward. The thoughts that went through my head was not fun, filled with disappointment and resignation. A moment later, at the 27th kilometer, I had found a pace (4:25 min/km) that I could hold, a balance between pain and function. I ran the rest of the race without comfort, instead, I carried a lot of concern. Finally, I finished with 2:59:35 and after I had stopped running I immediately began limping, anything else was not possible.

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Athen Classic Marathon 2010-10-31

by on nov.03, 2010, under Marathon, Point to point

When a hero dies a legend is born. That is how we come to run the marathon distance. To celebrate the great run that Pheidippides did 2500 years ago. All over the Globe runners take part in honorable races over this distance. But there is only one race that takes part on the original course. That is Athen Classic Marathon.

This time it was my turn to run this race. I had a great time and pushed myself as hard as I could during the uphills and downhills. Running the last kilometers was exciting and valuable. To enter the Panathenaikon Stadium and running into the finish line was thrilling. The arena was crouded, the sky was blue, the sun was burning, I was exhausted, I could feel my heart beat and I was very happy.

”Νενικήκαμεν”  (”We have won”)

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Transeurope Footrace 2009-04-19

by on jun.24, 2009, under Point to point, Stage race, Ultra

The race began 19th of April in Bari, south Italy. During 64 consecutive days we ran 4500k through entire Europe to the most northern place in this continent, Cape North. Week by week we ran and the friendship among the participants and helpers grow stronger and more important for every week that past. In some way everybody needed the others to keep on running. It was so nice to sense the attitude among the runners.

For me this was the fulfilment of a journey that I have been dreaming about and waiting for in many years. I was not afraid of the distance. I had no doubts of my own capacity. I just tried to be present every day, even those days with really bad weather…

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Spartathlon 246km

by on sep.27, 2008, under Point to point, Ultra

Only 4 weeks after I finished La Transe Gaule I was at the start line to the legendary race of Spartathlon. I was not fully recovered and there was no speed in my legs. I was afraid and I had many doubts about the upcoming race. I know for sure that there is only one cure for that fear I had, and that is the start sign that get us running.

Within 10 kilometres I was cured, I felt no fear, just excitement and beliefs. I was running my second Spartathlon and I did it with a brave mind. I ran faster than I ever thought I could in such a race and in the same time I enjoyed life. Actually I ran ahead of my scheme and got to my drop bags way too early. I had to run with my headlight on the head an hour before it got useable, I got my second day cap in the middle of the night so I had to let it be, I even got to Sparta so early that my friends still were at lunch.

However, I had a hard time during my last hours because I pushed it, I tried to finish just below 31 hours and that made me count, and recount, minutes the last 10 kilometres. My effort was worth its costs. When I reached the main street of Sparta every training hour I have done in my life was worth that moment. These two minutes when I ran up to the statue of King Leonidas made it all worthwile. I laid my hand on his foot, I sat down, I cried, I raised my hand of happiness, I got helped up, I did the ceremony, I was taken to health surveillance by a wheelchair. I was happy!

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La Transe Gaule VII 2008-08-13

by on aug.09, 2008, under Okategoriserade, Point to point, Stage race, Ultra

Race: 13th to 31th of August.

Distance: 1151 kilometer.

Departure: Roscoff

Arrival: Gruissan Plage

A footrace across France. There is so much to say about this marvelous race, I just cant find the words for it. Even if I have been running it twice I just cant find the words…

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by on sep.29, 2007, under Point to point, Ultra

After years dreaming about this great race I finally found myself at the start line among runners from all over the world. I think everyone of the participants affects the same desire; to repeat what Pheidippides once achieved. To run from Athens to Sparta and reach the finish the very next day before sunset.

The start is held just outside the theatre of Herodes Atticus on the south slope of the Acropolis of Athens. There, the history is present and it gives a great feeling and inner strength. Maybe this is a gift from the Gods, like a never-ending energy source that surrounds the runners during the race. Besides inner strength and a calm feeling, outer strength is what will move the body ahead. All of the runners at the start area appear to be fit and it will be a request because the course is very demanding. Among these prepared runners just a few gets through the 246-kilometre curse within the 36-hour limit.

I have heard a lot of the race and my greatest fear was to run alone in the dark. To challenge the mountain in darkness or to find my way. So it was a relief to have a friend along my side. Christian Ritella and I ran together the entire time. The night elapse and in the morning hours of the second day we pushed it for a few hours before the upcoming sun set us on fire. The power of the sun prevented us from running. We just walked hours by hours like zombies. The jokes were out, nobody had anything to say and we were tired. However it was just enough with one little glint of an eye and a smile to make us both laugh and appreciate the moment as it was.

With half an hour to spare we reached the finish and when I ran the last piece of the race I felt that life was more than enough. Finally I lay my hand on the foot of the statue of King Leonidas. Then I was served a sip of holy water from the river Evrotas and an olive wreath was placed upon my head. Tears of relief and happiness ran down my cheek as I walked away.

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St Olavsloppet Ultra 129km

by on jul.06, 2007, under Point to point, Stage race, Ultra

St Olavsloppet Ultra 129km. From the beginning the race is a relay from Trondheim in Norway to Östersund in Sweden. The relay is a four day stage race and during the second and third day the runners have to past the national border and in the same time the mountains. During this two days there is a small start field of runners who runs the distance by themselves.

This year we were 17 runners who ran the 129km by ourselves. It was at least 25 degree Celsius at start and the sun shined on us almost all the time. The wind was strong and blow mostly from the front. During this conditions three runners from Norway and three runners from Sweden had a international match. After two days of running the Norwegian runners outrun the Swedish runners and won with an quarter of an hour. We had a great match and I enjoyed the run, the pasta party during the evenings and the friendship between us all. I finished the race with the total time of 10 hours and 35 minutes and ended up in fourth place. I’m satisfied with that.

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La Transe Gaule IV

by on sep.02, 2005, under Point to point, Stage race, Ultra

After 18 days and 1166 kilometres I made an accomplishment of a dream. My most demanding and desired type of race was fulfilled. I had finished a transcontinental stage race. I had run from the English Canal to the Mediterranean. When I ran out on the beach, passing the finish line, a great adventure was past. A bitter but delightful feeling got me when I put my arms up in the sky. I made it, it’s over, it’s my Masterpice I thought, but in the same time I realize that these last weeks of my life never will come again. A fantastic experience that gave me experience of fatigue, pain, doubts and anxious. But most of all, and in the end, I experienced friendship, blessing and gratitude.

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