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Spartathlon 246km

by on sep.27, 2008, under Point to point, Ultra

Only 4 weeks after I finished La Transe Gaule I was at the start line to the legendary race of Spartathlon. I was not fully recovered and there was no speed in my legs. I was afraid and I had many doubts about the upcoming race. I know for sure that there is only one cure for that fear I had, and that is the start sign that get us running.

Within 10 kilometres I was cured, I felt no fear, just excitement and beliefs. I was running my second Spartathlon and I did it with a brave mind. I ran faster than I ever thought I could in such a race and in the same time I enjoyed life. Actually I ran ahead of my scheme and got to my drop bags way too early. I had to run with my headlight on the head an hour before it got useable, I got my second day cap in the middle of the night so I had to let it be, I even got to Sparta so early that my friends still were at lunch.

However, I had a hard time during my last hours because I pushed it, I tried to finish just below 31 hours and that made me count, and recount, minutes the last 10 kilometres. My effort was worth its costs. When I reached the main street of Sparta every training hour I have done in my life was worth that moment. These two minutes when I ran up to the statue of King Leonidas made it all worthwile. I laid my hand on his foot, I sat down, I cried, I raised my hand of happiness, I got helped up, I did the ceremony, I was taken to health surveillance by a wheelchair. I was happy!

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  • Kristoffer


  • Anonymous

    Det är så STORT det du presterar!

  • Fredrika

    Grattis Mattias till ett fantastiskt lopp! Vi följde er via live-uppdateringen hela tiden, det var oerhört spännande. Fantastisk stark prestation!!

    Hälsningar från Fredrika (vi hälsade som hastigast på Uppsala 100K, bloggade om dig då förresten :-))

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